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  • The internet and social media broke the camel's back. Historians will remember our age as the "winner takes it all" age.
    Thank god I didn't inherit my height from my mom's side. She's lucky to be 5'3. It's funny how someone that short can give birth to a 6'3 slayer. Jk, not a slayer. I'm 6'3 tho.
    Mom asked me why I don't have a girlfriend. Well, it's because of your shit facial genetics.
    The ideal girl would have a high IQ. Healthy lifestyle. Doesn't have to be a stacy, lol.
    Fuck. Fucking fuck. As a 4-4.5 PLS my only realistic path to ascension is statusmaxxing. That's very difficult as an aspie. I don't know tho. On Tinder I do get results with my very best pictures. Definitely a kissless virgin by choice. Not even coping.
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