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  1. sorrowfulsad

    [Motivation] Solution to small skull

    Just get your whole head reconstructed - theory
  2. sorrowfulsad

    [Method] moneymaxx method for poorcel

    Just grow it out till you fully looksmaxed. My problems are my bones and not my hair
  3. sorrowfulsad

    [Method] Complete Guide to Hair

    I have one week off of school now so the perfect time to ldar and try out no shampoo. Good thread as always nibba
  4. sorrowfulsad

    Men age well

    mo mogs me
  5. sorrowfulsad

    [Rating] what is your current rating, prime rating and target rating?

    Current rating: 3/10 Prime rating: 3/10 (jfl) Target rating: 6.5/10 Im gymcelling and saving up hard for surgeries. If I dont get to be atleast a 6/10 then Ill probably rope tbh ngl
  6. sorrowfulsad

    NoFap Log

    Everytime I ask girls about barret (jfl at this point where I ask girls about random male models) they all say that hes not their type or ugly but I feel lile thats just their coping method cause they all know for sure that hes umreachable for them
  7. sorrowfulsad

    [JFL] My professor asked what my youtube channel is

    whats your channel 👹
  8. sorrowfulsad

    ghb/1.4 butandiol is so much better than alcohol...

    How much ml do you recommend?
  9. sorrowfulsad

    [Method] MK-677 just cope?

    why should you even take mk 6 77 and what supplements do you take?
  10. sorrowfulsad

    How do I get rid of under eye cricles?

    concealer, fillers, implants some oils like argan oil might tone it so you can cope with that first
  11. sorrowfulsad

    How can i get rid of the fat under the face (not sure if neck)

    tie a rope around your neck and stretch it with your body weight
  12. sorrowfulsad

    We need to create a “MEWING” diet

    no lol, and you can just chew falim gum
  13. sorrowfulsad

    We need to create a “MEWING” diet

    just chew gum man you dont need the rest especially if youre older than like 10
  14. sorrowfulsad

    Looksmaxing is getting more and more popular, thoughts?

    With the rising mewing hype looksmaxing in general is getting a huge push as well. Ascend fast boyos as soon, everyone is going to looksmax either the soft or hard way :blackpill::redpill:
  15. sorrowfulsad

    Chest implants

    How old are you? Honestly, just gymcel for like 6 more mounths and add more mass and then hop on a decent roid cycle
  16. sorrowfulsad

    How to achieve chubby cheeks?

    nigga just stop
  17. sorrowfulsad

    Psl ratings for the pictures...??

    nigga smile
  18. sorrowfulsad

    [JFL] Looking like a tryhard is a death sentence

    Ive been permasquinting since more than a year now. I look more retarded if I dont do it and I even do it if I am alone so its kinda my natural look now
  19. sorrowfulsad

    [JFL] Looking like a tryhard is a death sentence

    rip me I guess
  20. sorrowfulsad

    [Serious] Fashionmaxing

    Dont try to fashion max with expebsive clothes. I spent so much on them on my blue pilled days. Just wear normal clotges that fit you, women wont care anyways if youre not good looking
  21. sorrowfulsad

    ideal nose aesthetic

    high iq tbh
  22. sorrowfulsad


    another autistic cope I can practisize, thanks
  23. sorrowfulsad

    [Success] I just had sex with my virgin gf.

    Its funny that for some people this is an ordinary experience yet for us it is so, so far away that our best chances are to rape a lil girl tbh (inb4 inceltears posts this)
  24. sorrowfulsad

    [Motivation] Genes are not exactly everything when it comes to height, hormones are

    My father is 5'5, my mother is 5'4 yet heres my brother at 6'2 and me at 6'1. Nutrition is a huge factot aswell as my father didnt have that much of it
  25. sorrowfulsad

    [Serious] How the fuck do you actually swallow

    What the fuck am I supposed to do with my tongue? Where should I rest my teeth when I attempt the 'wave thing' with my tongue and food? I want to give proper swallowing a try but I have no idea if I do it corrects or how to do it correctly
  26. sorrowfulsad

    Rate Jordan Barrett

    he doesnt lol