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  1. dotacel

    [Motivation] IDC if someone has a Stacey anymore

    fuck slaying I get high on validation
  2. dotacel

    Looksmax advice please

    6.5/10 irl height fucks you up imo you look good facially though
  3. dotacel

    [Serious] How about an irl meet-up?

    I'm meeting up with @HailToTheKing and @badromance Friday B)
  4. dotacel

    High School

  5. dotacel

    [News] Gonna dirty bulk (with videos)

    hollow cheeked chad
  6. dotacel

    How do NEETCels and jobless looksmaxxers here afford to do it?

    >he doesn't get autismbuxx :feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha:
  7. dotacel

    Eye area?

  8. dotacel

    [Serious] leaving the forum

    me too bro
  9. dotacel

    Leaving the forum

    me too bro
  10. dotacel

    Eye area?

    is clogging ur pores in your under eye area that much of an issue tho? kinda clueless about it but I've never seen anyone have skin issues in that area
  11. dotacel

    apex legends mogs fortnite hard

    32gb ram (ddr3 though not very fast but still), idk probably just cuz it's an old cpu might not be optimized well for those generations, it's smashed almost everything I've thrown at it so far though, I barely see any difference in fps between low and high settings, just get dips from 60 to...
  12. dotacel

    [Story] Endocrinologist opinion on heightmaxxing

    how old are u
  13. dotacel

    apex legends mogs fortnite hard

    it's oc'd to 4.5 I'm surprised it would have any issues tbh
  14. dotacel

    How do women react when they walk past you?

    make eye contact and smile or none I guess
  15. dotacel

    stop telling people without flaws they NEED surgeries

    high iq post
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  17. dotacel

    [Venting] She loves someone else

    :feelscry: i miss him
  18. dotacel

    [Venting] She loves someone else

  19. dotacel

    [Venting] She loves someone else

    lol cuck just forget about her
  20. dotacel

    apex legends mogs fortnite hard

    doesn't even run well on 3770k and 1070ti, devs are ogres at optimization
  21. dotacel

    [Story] Got 2 girls laid by just looking at them?
  22. dotacel

    Chadlite tells a landwhale that he is way out of her league

    landwhale btfo-er of
  23. dotacel

    rate me at 15 percent bodyfat

    u deleted the pics faggot
  24. dotacel

    Rate my chad brother.

    charisma will come with all the validation
  25. dotacel

    Proof that nerdy guys are more attractive than athletic guys

    ik this is satire but perceived intelligence is legit
  26. dotacel

    tall + skinny = beta ltr material

    manlet cope is biggest cope of them all
  27. dotacel

    [Blackpill] Quickest way to Repel Women

    by being me
  28. dotacel

    Rate my chad brother.

    just be tall and ripped with an average face theory
  29. dotacel

    [Mogs] Have you had sex?

    worst thing ever tbh, stop choking ur dick boyos on topic if ur in a LTR and not having sex at least half of the possible opportunities ur getting cucked boyos ngl