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  1. Sizzurp

    Rate me In this gay pic.

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    [NSFW] Teen in White Stockings

  3. Sizzurp

    [Rage] Why was I so unlucky but lucky at the same time.

    Postmax season
  4. Sizzurp

    [Method] Microblading for perfect brows?

    Up to them, also depends how it looks on the person, i personally dont like too straight it needs some shape to it. but its all preference some people like it some dont.
  5. Sizzurp

    [Method] Microblading for perfect brows?

    He really didnt need to do that... slightly bigger brows but its just unnecessary
  6. Sizzurp

    [Rage] I fucking hate females

  7. Sizzurp

    [Rage] I fucking hate females

  8. Sizzurp

    [Method] Post your makeup routines

  9. Sizzurp

    this girl is asking me for a rate ?

    2 at best, And that's me being nice
  10. Sizzurp

    [Rage] Fuck most females.

    Evolve or be extinct.
  11. Sizzurp

    [Story] Subhumans at the gym

  12. Sizzurp

    [Rage] My new oneitis won't notice me anymore

    I could be wrong, i dont know exactly what you did, but what ive seen with dudes that if you have a girl you like i class or what ever they tend to look at them all the time etc pretty much giving all your attention away right away, essentially letting her know by validating her lets her know...
  13. Sizzurp

    [Rage] My new oneitis won't notice me anymore

    I probably know why
  14. Sizzurp

    [Serious] Disgusted at sex

    Yeah kinda, I can tell you why that is. Its a psychological thing most men who are masculine have this trait i have this aswell. It pretty much means you have little no bonding chemical being released in your brain so you want to get away as soon as possible, This is a good thing thats usually...
  15. Sizzurp

    [Serious] Disgusted at sex

  16. Sizzurp

    [Serious] Disgusted at sex

    Seems like you have that issue i told you i had, You disagreed kinda, Remember the video i send you?
  17. Sizzurp

    [Serious] Disgusted at sex

    Doggy whats going on over here san @dogtown
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    [Serious] [BRUTAL NT PILL] Sean O'Prey definitley is somewhere on the autism spectrum and you can tell

    I like allot of his songs dont really have a favorite, but, I like '' Excuse me'' at the moment.
  19. Sizzurp

    [Blackpill] If you want to call yourself a Chad you have to atleast have done this

    True, My name is jeff not chad.
  20. Sizzurp

    Rate New Zealand Mosque shooter

    What did you say to her in responds to that