1. G O D

    [OP] [ASCENSION] Rate me

    I've finally ascended! Yes! Rate my new transformation:
  2. Deformed Chico

    [LifeFuel] Ascension is bs

    The solution to inceldom is brain transplant surgery. Imagine if scientists in the future manage to transfer our brains/consciousness into a Chad's body, that would solve the problem of inceldom. Looksmaxing is good if you want to improve your appearance, but you'll never be able to ascend. If...
  3. G O D

    [Serious] Ascend or Rope

    This is the place where I will commit suicide, if I don't ascend. I live in Luxembourg.
  4. Lorsss

    [Success] My ascension is complete

    from 13 to 17 I was a completely autistic/aspie person because I had social anxiety: I remember I was afraid to be alone with my classmates because I couldn't manage a social situation. furthermore I didn't take care of my hair and style, so I was such a shitty person. during 4th years of high...