1. Exafc

    [Venting] I want to be a kid again

    FUCK I hate growing up. Just fucking stop it: all the pressures to be in shape, be attractive, join this, join that, get good grades, dress nice, or else it's over. I'm a teencel with 2 friends who's never been to a party and I'm very self aware about it. As a kid I was an autistic beta but at...
  2. Extra Chromosome

    [Theory] Secret Chemicals Part 1: 11-keto DHT and 11-keto Testosterone

    Preface I will be writing a series of threads showcasing unknown but useful chemicals. Abstract -11KDHT is a potent androgen with a high AR-agonist activity, it also regulates the expression of more AR-regulated proteins than DHT. -11KDHT and 11KT have a longer half-life than DHT and T due to...
  3. manlet cUnt

    [Mogs] just cage at this brutal palate mogging

    her huge frisbee disc palate is probably around 50mm. plenty of room for all teeth and probably mogs al ot of our ancestors in terms of the broadness of her dental arch tbh now compare that to this... fkin lol can you still be classified as a homo sapien with a palate that narrow? just...
  4. Lorsss

    I can't do the 10 years challenge

    in theese days a challenge in which your show your pics of 10 years ago is very popular. however I can't do this challenge because I was born 10 months ago: I was born on the day when I finally defeated "autism" by trying to flirt with a girl in real life. 10 years ago I was an autistic smelling...