1. Lorsss

    RU58841 side effects debunked

    in Hair loss forums people report to have experienced terrible side effects with topical RU58841 like insomnia, erectile disfunction, headache, red eyes, impotence, inorgasmia and lung diseases. however theese side effects might be just placebo, in fact on this site you can find the...
  2. Lorsss

    most men my age are balding

    [I will turn 21 in one week] I have noticed most men who are about my age are having hair loss. for some of them it's just a 2 cm receding hairline, while some already have a norwood 3 [this image show a 20 years old baldman] I feel extreme pleasure when I see chads who are balding: their...
  3. Lorsss

    I want the proof mimoxidil ages the face

    all people here claim topical minoxidil penetrate the skin and becomes systemical. so it spreads all over the body and reduces collagen production in all skin cells. I'd like to read medical research that prove it.

    This website claims balding is caused by frontalis muscle hypertrophy Do you guys think this is legit?