1. Ritalincel

    [Blackpill] l*dditor discocers he was being cucked his late wife

    [Blackpill] a guy's wife dies and in death he finds out the true nature of women. too many black pills to swallow here. a truly amazing post. Thread starteredgecel14 Start dateJan 5, 2019 TagsNone Watch edgecel14 Vicious retard - JoinedSep 15, 2018Messages364 Jan 5, 2019 Add bookmark #1
  2. Ritalincel

    [Theory] Here is some foids who have been killed by bad personality dogs they were having sex with. The pitpill pinned me down and ripped my face apart tbh

    [LifeFuel] Stacy gets mauled to death by her "two beloved pitbulls." Thread starterStoicNihilist Start dateYesterday at 10:18 AM TagsNone 1 2 Next Watch StoicNihilist It's not over, it never even began. - JoinedMar 14, 2019Messages207 Yesterday at 10:18 AM Add bookmark #1...
  3. Ritalincel

    [JFL] l*ddit cuck discovers 4/5 of his children aren't his!!!

    [It's Over] "Me [52M] just found out at least 4 of my 5 children [33F][30F][28M][24F][14F] are not mine. Wife [51F] wont say anything." Thread starterVictoryOrDeath Start date53 minutes ago TagsNone Jump to newWatch VictoryOrDeath Officer - JoinedMay 5, 2018Messages544 53 minutes ago Add...
  4. Ritalincel

    [Story] l*dditor finds out his "depressed" fiance was and still is riding the cock carousel after 10 years of beta providing haHA

    TL;DR; OP finds out his LTR of 10 years was sleeping with another man and immediately broke up with her. Upon investigation he then finds out she had lied to him about being orphaned, and raped in the past, and having money stolen from her by her foster father so she could gst sympathy and free...
  5. jefferson

    [Motivation] Physique goal

    This vid keeps popping up in my youtube, keep watching it mirin this guy. 4:06 Wanna look like a white version of that. Don't have the genetics or discipline though tbh, but I'll try to get as close as possible to that. Most aesthetic physique I've ever seen.
  6. Sizzurp

    [NSFW] 18+ Girl Gifs [BBC Edition] Requested

    @dogtown @Zeta ascended @Afrikancel @Alarico8 @TurboAutist45