1. disillusioned

    [Serious] Capitalism is the economic version of the bluepill

    "Just work hard bruh!" "Merit is rewarded in capitalism bruh! You will be CEO one day" "Anybody can become successful under capitalism bruh!" "All socialism is cucked bruh! Enjoy paying 90% of the taxes in society despite owning 10% of the money bruh!" JFL at all the redpill phaggots like Turd...
  2. disillusioned

    [Rage] Why do you still want a girlfriend now that you are blackpilled???

    Look at this chit: Are you for real? How can so many people here still believe there is any such thing as real "love"? Women don't care about you. Fuk off with this bluepill shit.
  3. X

    [Discussion] has no value whatsoever

    My first point: It's bascially a reversal of the Bluepill and therefore just as extreme. It's like fighting fire with fire but with no real victor. People on don't accept normal subjects.. it has to be extreme or you're a cuck or bluepilled. Second point: The whole site is people...