1. Lorsss


    modern industry brutally exploits cows, in fact cows are genetically selected to produce more milk and are kept pregnant 12 months a year. the result is that milk you find in supermarket contains 10 times more estrogen than milk produced in a traditional farm. in my country, Italy, people drink...
  2. Chad Dragonslayer

    Most ideal bodyframe for man (just have wide clavicles and ribcage theory)

    As we know bones play huge role in facial aesthetics, but the same holds truth for the body as well. Just look at Steve Reeves bodyframe when he was 15. In my opinion he has the ideal bodyframe for a male, even though in this picture he doesn't have a huge amount of muscle mass, his...
  3. Lorsss

    I have the fastest metabolism in the world

    at this time, in order to bulk I'm taking 6000 calories a day to reach 74kg (160 lb).
  4. Lorsss

    bodybuilding vs gym looksmaxing

    >Steroids anabolic steroids are very harmful for your look, in fact they cause early aging, baldness and big belly. in my opinion they shpould be used for a short period of time in order to reach your natural limits fast. if you want to take steroids to look like professional bodybuilders you...