1. Ledgemund

    Requesting Permanent Ban

    @knajjd @Master @Weed Don't know if this is supposed to go through pms according to rules, but I want to merge this with a farewell to the people below. I'd like this ban to be permanent without any possibility of being revoked. It's time I stopped posting and set to something else...
  2. Extra Chromosome

    [JFL] "Leave" Threads EXPOSED: A Documentary on the Crackwhore Theory

    FKN LMAOUT. @Yoyome99 who made his leave thread just visited again today. @G O D aka retard is still lurking and came back to reply to me like a dog. And another member who said he will leave was in the PMs today kek(not going to reveal). @FatmanO signalled his leave...
  3. Ritalincel

    [Mogs] Er might still be alive?

    [Meme] ER CONFIRMED ALIVE!!!!!!!!! EVERYONE GTFIH!!! Thread starterPectusManletScarCel Start date35 minutes ago Jump to newWatch PectusManletScarCel It's not over - JoinedSep 23, 2018Messages1,543 35 minutes ago New Add bookmark #1
  4. Hunter

    [LifeFuel] Kings Speech #50 [THE FINALE!]

    FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK_YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU EAT SHIT C SUCK MY COCK off yourself:feelsrope::feelsrope::feelsrope::feelsrope:fuck a cow consider suicide :feelscry::feelscry::feelscry::feelscry: die A SL0W PAINFUL DEATH🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 drink clorox...
  5. Extra Chromosome

    [Theory] Secret Cehmicals Part 2: 4F-MPH

    Abstract: 4-fluoromethylpenidate (4F-MPH) is a stimulant and an analog of the ADHD medication methylphenidate (Rtialin/MPH). 4F-MPH has long lasting and greater effects than MPH. Anecdotal evidence says that 4F-MPH has less side effects than MPH. It is also likely to be habit forming. History...