1. Deformed Chico

    [LifeFuel] Ascension is bs

    The solution to inceldom is brain transplant surgery. Imagine if scientists in the future manage to transfer our brains/consciousness into a Chad's body, that would solve the problem of inceldom. Looksmaxing is good if you want to improve your appearance, but you'll never be able to ascend. If...
  2. Lorsss

    [Method] Curing Near-sightedness (Myopia) without surgery: is it possible?

    most people think eye disorders like myopia are genetical and hereditary, however this belief is completely wrong because this disorder did not exist in the past (except for old people) and myopia is strongly connected to the modern urban lifestyle. near-sightedness has been increasing extremely...
  3. Lorsss

    [Not OP] Rate this Uber-Chad

    this guy is an italian TV star
  4. freakofnature

    [Mogs] white vs. ethnic face-off judged by 4 young white foids

    The point of the "show" is that new guy comes on every time till he mogs the current "king of the hill", then he becomes the king until he gets mogged out(repeat). All judged/voted by the girls. Absolutely brutal
  5. RichardSpencel

    [Serious] PSA to all 2 female lurkers of looksmax

    Pls date me ): What I lack in looks I make up for in haircuts and personality. I will literally give you anything and all I ask is that you are: White Virgin 8/10+ Under 19 Srs.