1. gaymidget

    Revenge on ex gf

    Hey guys, I am starting my looksmax journey today. I had a LTR with this girl for 2.5 years. She was my first, I was her first. I fucked up many things because I was a little boy (we were 15 when we started dating, now I am 19.). She broke up 4 months ego and my ego is broken. Lets be honest...
  2. Inclined

    [Serious] Getting cheekbone fillers!

    I've decided that I'm going to get cheekbone fillers. I'd look a lot better with some extra cheekbone mass. Any suggestions as to what I should tell the doctor. Anything that I should keep in mind?
  3. gaymidget

    Looking good from side/diagonal but shitty from the front?

    Hey guys, before I describe my problem, I am going to post some picture in near future. I know its kinda hard to help me without pics. I I have high cheekbones and broad mandible (one side more than the other) and generally a big head. My issue is, I look very good from the side or a diagonal...