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    [Blackpill] l*dditor discocers he was being cucked his late wife

    [Blackpill] a guy's wife dies and in death he finds out the true nature of women. too many black pills to swallow here. a truly amazing post. Thread starteredgecel14 Start dateJan 5, 2019 TagsNone Watch edgecel14 Vicious retard - JoinedSep 15, 2018Messages364 Jan 5, 2019 Add bookmark #1
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    [NSFW] Turkish chad shot himself over being cucked (Oct-25-2016)

    The 22-year-old first tells viewers on facebook that his girlfriend had broken up with him and therefore intends to commit suicide. At 1:50 you can hear his bowls let loose. Yuk. 2:12 HE SHIT HIMSELF!!!!!!! 2:51 :feelsohgod: