1. Ritalincel

    [Theory] Being a chad must feel like being on coke 24/7 tbh

    Being coked up is what I imagine it feels like to be a Chad Thread starterSafeAffect Start date31 minutes ago Watch SafeAffect Recruit - JoinedApr 16, 2019Messages19 31 minutes ago Add bookmark #1 As soon as I get that delicious drip in the back of my throat I know what's coming. It's...
  2. Extra Chromosome

    [Theory] Alternative administration routes of known supplements/chemicals

    Disclaimer: This is a very experimental thread and before you go ahead and try anything, research intensively. I am also not responsible if anything goes wrong. Without saying, obviously nothing comes side-effect free, so take that in mind before trying anything. I had this idea for a while...
  3. Extra Chromosome

    [Theory] Secret Cehmicals Part 2: 4F-MPH

    Abstract: 4-fluoromethylpenidate (4F-MPH) is a stimulant and an analog of the ADHD medication methylphenidate (Rtialin/MPH). 4F-MPH has long lasting and greater effects than MPH. Anecdotal evidence says that 4F-MPH has less side effects than MPH. It is also likely to be habit forming. History...