er fues

  1. Ritalincel

    [Mogs] Er might still be alive?

    [Meme] ER CONFIRMED ALIVE!!!!!!!!! EVERYONE GTFIH!!! Thread starterPectusManletScarCel Start date35 minutes ago Jump to newWatch PectusManletScarCel It's not over - JoinedSep 23, 2018Messages1,543 35 minutes ago New Add bookmark #1
  2. manlet cUnt

    [Blackpill] holy fuck at this brutal blackpill dropped by this 1/10 butch dyke

    i wouldnt touch her with a 10ft pole in a hazmat suit deadly srs can someone explain to me how the fuck this abomination is getting propositioned for sex? just cage her looksmatch roped hard so long ago hes probably on display at the museum of natural history. mirin her hunter eyes tbh fuark...