1. psycophsez

    [Discussion] Any way to turn thick, ethnic hair more soft-looking and manageable?

    Title basically. I've noticed that my hair will look a bit curly after taking a shower and will stay like that for around 30 min, but then it returns into its ugly original state. I'm not really asking for a method to make hair look wet though, but something more permanent that can make my hair...
  2. freakofnature

    [Mogs] white vs. ethnic face-off judged by 4 young white foids

    The point of the "show" is that new guy comes on every time till he mogs the current "king of the hill", then he becomes the king until he gets mogged out(repeat). All judged/voted by the girls. Absolutely brutal
  3. Mansnob

    Rate me, no bs plz

    I'm 18 years old, 5'9, ~110 pounds. I am incel btw. Also jw, how do I upload videos? I want to upload a video of myself in motion for better ratings and advice.