1. SilverVex

    Thoughts on eyebrow maxing?

    Shaping them, making sure they don't look like untamed forests No like full on foid-level eyebrow care, but just like... Taming them Pic related (not me):
  2. Lorsss

    Lorsss' eyebrow growth guide

    the eye area is the most important thing in human look, in fact when you talk to a person you look into his eyes. The appearance of the eye depends on the orbit bone, for example round orbital rims cause feminine eyes (that means high set eyebrows, eyelid exposure, lack of browridge and arched...
  3. 11gaijin

    How do I make my eyebrows thicker/longer?

    Eyebrowmaxxing is the next step in my looksmaxxing plan. I am thinking of starting eybrowmaxxing soon since the recovery from surgery is looking good. So what are the ways? And which ones are legit? I know about a) Dyeing eyebrows: Already do, decent return for investment but it can't make...