1. NickGurr

    [Method] Fixing Gynoid (Estrogenic) Fat Distribution

    @FatmanO Due to high levels of Estrogen, there is increased Alpha 2 activity. If your genes made it so that you have more of those in the hips, breasts and thighs, it is possible that a topical solution of Alpha 2 Antagonists will lower the amounts of fat there as well as prevent it from...
  2. FatmanO

    [News] Actually Talked To My Ex-Oneitis (Story)

    Attention all Looksmax.org users I actually went and talked to her while getting some balls. I woudnt have done it I was on this forum tho, so its a massive step. (Aspie and Cringe warning, put your anti-Fatman bluepill suits on) When I went to gym today, It was kinda weird. Then I saw her...
  3. FatmanO

    [News] The current state of this site. (And its members)

    I have noticed the negativity and "blackpills" of some of the members and I really don't see the benefit of being here for some time anymore. Some prime examples: A) "Oh, Fatman actually started to attract 5.5-6.0 IRL girl(s)?" -Fuck him, he hasnt ascended by slaying models! B) "Fatman...
  4. FatmanO

    Offical Fatman 2019 Rating Thread - (Self Critique Included)

    Here we go, Im closing in on my looksmaxxing potential (without surgeries) and not counting gymaxxing that takes a few years. I ask you to not rate deflate, Im just corious what your opinion is on me. So here is my observation POSITIVES: +Height (6'1'', In Slovenia avg. height is 5' 11'' for...