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    Do braces/elastics stunt growth or just make them grow downwards?

    If they just made them grow downwards, one would be able to move the bone upwards. Sadly it wont be possible if the growth was entirely stunted So my question is whether elastics/braces stunt the growth of the mandibular and maxilla or just make them go downwards? Would one have to live with...
  2. StormlitAqua

    StormlitAqua ImageLog/Rating Thread

    Just gonna keep this log of looksmaxing images for myself. Ratings are appreciated but not necessarily the focus of this thread. May eventually start doing uncensored pics but not for now. I want to start mewing at some point but not at the immediate moment... will keep a log of that if...
  3. Nibba

    [Mogs] Official Mog Thread

    Same @badromance thread but active Who wants to go first
  4. StormlitAqua

    [JFL] StormlitAqua's Plan For Ascension

    I'm tired of being incel tbqh. I am not rejecting the title, and I understand that being a virgin at 23 is not normal or good. I understand at this point that there are many genetic, unchangeable flaws with me if I made it this long. I will likely continue to be incel for a while, if not...
  5. StormlitAqua

    An Open Challenge/Bounty to (.is), /r/IncelTears, and

    Good evening everyone. After more than 23 years of a sexless, GF-less life, I have grown extremely weary and bitter. My life feels like it is slipping me by, as my goal was to be married at 25 and have my first child at 26. My time is growing thin and my patience even thinner. I am running out...