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    [Method] bonemashing complete guide

    bonemashing consists in hitting the chin or zygos in order to swell the soft tissue under the skin. As you can see, every part of your body can get swollen with repeated punches. how to bonemash without risking Chronic traumatic encephalopathy every time you hit your head, your skull absorbs...
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    [Method] looksmaxing guide for instant PSL increase

    some looksmaxing practices like bodybuilding, neck training, mewing require a lot of time, while plastic surgery is immediate but costs a lot of money. have you tried all the fast looksmaxing strategies? 1: shoe lift 2: makeup pencil to get straight eyebrows. (use it in the same spot you...
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    [Method] HYGENEMAXING guide

    inceltears users are famous for suggesting incels to "have more showers", they are right as long as many people here claim shapoos ruin your hair. > have a complete shower with shampoo once every two days. > wash your teeth everyday. Then use a toothpick to remove food pieces from gaps beetween...