1. disillusioned

    [Blackpill] Gymceling is a bad way to looksmax if you have sub-normie tier looks

    I gymceled for 2 years so it's not like I don't have any experience doing this. Simply put, it's pointless for 2 major reasons: 1. It's utterly useless without drugs. Don't believe any of the "natty" bodybuilders on youtube who claim otherwise. You will never put on enough muscle naturally that...
  2. CopeMaxxer

    How do you put on size (natty) without doing a gymcel bulk?

    My face is lean and aesthetic atm but I'm small af with twig arms. Any way to put size on without ballooning up? Inb4 tren Inb4 "you can't" followup: if I go the lean bulk route, how much weight should i be aiming for monthly? 2 lb?
  3. Nibba

    Gymcelling Megathread

    Diet diet is the main thing every lifter needs to master. it is way simpler than most people make it out to be caloric deficit if fat/overweight caloric surplus if underweight: shows that even poorfags can afford good food for fucking 4400 kcal a day (BIG surplus) starches, unsaturated fats...
  4. E

    [Motivation] Need help on gymceling, I have a very weird and constrained requirement

    Dear folks, I need some help on gymceling. Let me first list my vitals: 5'11", 200lb, 30+ age Borderline obese/Obese Chain smoker Started to develop hypertension, I think I am also diabetic (not tested) Severe sleep apnea Used to play semi-professional soccer at my college, won some...