1. disillusioned

    [Serious] Inceldom caused the rise of sjwism, not spoiled upbringing

    Think about it. Before social media increased hypergamy by 10x there were almost no sjws. Sure there was a minority of ugly feminists but they were mocked by most. Then comes along the social media generation and women start fucking only the best looking dudes (most of whom are white) and...
  2. disillusioned

    [Blackpill] Attractive and ugly people are their own seperate races

    Think about it, what determines race? Hormones and bone structure. What makes chads so different from incels? Hormones and bone structure. FACT: Good looking people look rather similar in almost every "race" where as ugly people from different races can look very different in their ugliness...
  3. disillusioned

    [Blackpill] Geek activities are just a coping mechanism for incels in denial srs

    I am almost completely convinced that the single most major reason men gravitate towards geeky stuff is because they look like shit and need some coping mechanism since they aren't socially successful and thus become introverted. Consider how 90% of the entire coding community (not to mention...
  4. IntolerantSocialist

    Here It Is Fellas

    the debut demo EP of the first project out of the incel community, @Ledgemund , @DeformAspergerCel Omega Jihad - Accelerate Towards Year Zero formerly called Incel Isis
  5. CupOfCoffee

    Example of Jordan Peterson's Cluelessness

    "They must settle for Chad" yeah yeah Dr. Peterson. That's what's happening these days. Fuck
  6. Wincel

    [Blackpill] Its no use! (satire)

    {//warning #22304 = displayNPCframecode is set to 'true'} [//execute " #240": "text":"Cope or rope cope or rope cope or rooooope! oh God im so ugly! mewing is COPE! lifting is COPE! dressing well, taking a shower more than your bi-annual disease-prevention ones or ever leaving...
  7. X

    [Discussion] has no value whatsoever

    My first point: It's bascially a reversal of the Bluepill and therefore just as extreme. It's like fighting fire with fire but with no real victor. People on don't accept normal subjects.. it has to be extreme or you're a cuck or bluepilled. Second point: The whole site is people...