1. Demonstrator

    mfw girl giving me ioi's gets with fatcel manlet

    She must of thought she had no chance with me (Superior MM tier mogger) , brutal. I should of approached.
  2. dodt

    [Serious] IOI count

    How many IOIs do u usually get in a month? By IOI I mean a girl showing some sort of interest in you. For autists who struggle with a simple intuitive definition of IOI here are some examples of whats considered an IOI...
  3. Sizzurp

    [Redpill] Outfit

    How much do you spend on clothes? and what does your regular outfit costs when hittin the streetz gotta look stay fresh boys. my regular outfit usually shoes 150-300$ jeans 75-110$ Shirt 25 -65$ Sweather 75-145$ Jacket 100-150$