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  1. Ritalincel

    [Blackpill] What is worse: Balding, or Death?

  2. averageblokecel

    [Rage] My friend's Dad got divorceraped... in his fucking 50s!

    Why? Why would a goddam fucking foid divorcerape a fucking dude in his 50s after being more than 20 years together? And this foid in question was (supposedly) a fucking TRADIONAL, CONSERVATIVE, FAMILY ORIENTED WOMAN. My friend is already old enough so this isn't going to affect him as much but...
  3. Mainländer

    Is it worth it for me to go back on Finasteride?

    I took Finasteride for like 6 months at 22 but dropped it because I got too paranoid about side effects and actually thought I was experiencing some (weaker erections and less cum volume - not sure if placebo or truth). Now I'm 30 and I really don't want to get fully bald. I'm getting very sad...
  4. Ritalincel

    [SuicideFuel] 5'4 exiled from .me