1. Alexanderr


    Was walking around the school halls and noticed that there were several tall foids heightmogging me. The worst thing was that some of them were younger than me as well! They were legit like 6’1. WTF Fucking over for manlets. :feelsrope: angers me
  2. dodt

    [Serious] IOI count

    How many IOIs do u usually get in a month? By IOI I mean a girl showing some sort of interest in you. For autists who struggle with a simple intuitive definition of IOI here are some examples of whats considered an IOI...
  3. RichardSpencel

    [Serious] Accutane or retin-a

    I've done 8months of accutane and am thinking of just taking retin-a from now on because I've run out of accutane in a month and I'd need to see a gp,then derm and it cost like $200. Also too depressed to gymcel or diet properly on accutane, Is retin-a almost as good as Accutane?