1. P

    Do braces/elastics stunt growth or just make them grow downwards?

    If they just made them grow downwards, one would be able to move the bone upwards. Sadly it wont be possible if the growth was entirely stunted So my question is whether elastics/braces stunt the growth of the mandibular and maxilla or just make them go downwards? Would one have to live with...
  2. 11gaijin

    [News] Orthognathic surgery update: I'm alive.

    So the surgery is finally done. Took 5 hours. Right now I'm all swelled up and my mouth is immobile. Also have sore throat. Glucose etc is being fed continuously. Can't eat anything. I'll post the daily improvements/updates and experience in this thread. Will be discharged tomorrow night or...
  3. CopeMaxxer

    Does Masseter Hypertrophy Actually Look Good?

    So a big part of mewing/chewing is chewing hard foods to hypertrophy your masseters and get a wide looking jaw. However, I think there's a decent amount of debate in redpill communities on whether widening through masseter widening is a good thing. A lot of people say it makes you look bloated...