1. Deformed Chico

    Are the Jews to blame for inceldom?

  2. disillusioned

    [Rage] The fact jews control everything is the ultimate proof NPC theory is legit

    When you think about it, the fact that normies not only don't notice jews controlling everything but even hate on those who point it out merely because that is what they have been taught to do is the ultimate proof that normies have no capacity for critical thinking whatsoever. Consider the...
  3. disillusioned

    [Blackpill] The jews are just blackpilled pragmatists

    People hate on them everywhere for plotting world domination and the enslavement/destruction of the other races but when you think about it it's not like they are wrong. 90+% of humanity is utterly worthless so it makes sense that the small minority of intelligent people that secretly rule over...