1. LightingFraud

    [LifeFuel] LightingFraud's NoFap Log

    I have been a porn addict since I was 13. Over the years it's taken hotter and hotter women to turn me on and get off, and when I really let myself go I can jack off as much as 5-10 times in a day. I am sick of weak erections, lowered sex drive, decreased motivation, etc. I will be updating...
  2. Ritalincel

    [Method] How to take an absolutely massive shit

    crosspost from .is: https://incels.is/threads/guide-how-to-take-an-absolutely-massive-shit.93949/ Step 1: Eat big amount of food, something like Oatmeal. Step 2: Have lots of Flax Seed AND Fruit (Apples with skin, Blueberries, etc, just not Bananas) alongside or in that Oatmeal Step 3...