1. Lorsss

    Lorsss' eyebrow growth guide

    the eye area is the most important thing in human look, in fact when you talk to a person you look into his eyes. The appearance of the eye depends on the orbit bone, for example round orbital rims cause feminine eyes (that means high set eyebrows, eyelid exposure, lack of browridge and arched...
  2. looksmaxerilo

    23M, 6ft: Rate me and suggest improvements/surgeries [move to Ratings]

    I meant to post this on Ratings... In motion Full album [order: front/full body, right profile, left profile, goofing around with my slayer manlet friend]: Pictures Front, profile (Took today) [order: front, right profile x2, left profile x2]: Front, profile (Took november 2018) [order...
  3. Lorsss

    [Method] RastaMaxing: is this legit?

    every time I go to a club I see guys with dreadlocks who pick up the best stacies, even if they are not significantly attractive. could it actually work? maybe I will buy a fake dreadlock wig one day. see how dreadlocks halo this ugly Arab rapper:
  4. Lorsss

    bodybuilding vs gym looksmaxing

    >Steroids anabolic steroids are very harmful for your look, in fact they cause early aging, baldness and big belly. in my opinion they shpould be used for a short period of time in order to reach your natural limits fast. if you want to take steroids to look like professional bodybuilders you...
  5. Lorsss

    [Method] HYGENEMAXING guide

    inceltears users are famous for suggesting incels to "have more showers", they are right as long as many people here claim shapoos ruin your hair. > have a complete shower with shampoo once every two days. > wash your teeth everyday. Then use a toothpick to remove food pieces from gaps beetween...
  6. Ritalincel

    I think the [Discussion] tag is unnecessary

    Aren't all threads discussions by default? No need for a tag
  7. Lorsss

    Posture is everything

    Dr. Mike Mew has explained how body posture is connected to tongue posture. for example if you always keep your head down, you will counter the correct development of your lower third, and malucclusion is a symptom of this. if you keep your back straight, the act of mewing becomes automatic...