1. MentalCel

    My low inhib/NT maxxing story/guide

    Backstory: So around 6-8 months ago I started my lowinhib/NT maxxing. Before that I was basically full on aspie. Really bad social anxiety. Couldn't speak to strangers etc typical shit. Now I am able to function as a normal human being with just a tiny bit of aspieness left. TL;DR use drugs to...
  2. Lorsss

    I can't do the 10 years challenge

    in theese days a challenge in which your show your pics of 10 years ago is very popular. however I can't do this challenge because I was born 10 months ago: I was born on the day when I finally defeated "autism" by trying to flirt with a girl in real life. 10 years ago I was an autistic smelling...