1. MitDenJungs

    [Method] Mewing Megathread

    Post all of your mewing questions here. Do not make any extra threads. @11gaijin @Sergeant @knajjd Sticky this to prevent any more mewing spam
  2. Lorsss

    Dentist teeth extraction: is it a death sentence?

    This youtuber claims traditional dentistry ruins your face if the doctors removes your crooked teeth. do you think it's possible to recess a maxilla by removing 2 teeth? do you think a doctors needs to remove more then 2 teeth to fuck up a face? do you think a crooked wisdom tooth removal fucks...
  3. P

    Fixing asymmetry from false mewing?

    How does one fix his asymmetry which he got from mewing during a growth spurt? If one was able to induce a second growth spurt, how would he go about fixing the asymmetry? Would tongue chewing more on the worse side help? Also, do you guys think muscle shortening plays into such a thing? My...
  4. Lorsss

    Why our face sucks!

    this noxious device caused malocclusion and blocked our facial growth for years! ignorant parents put this object inside their son's mouth in order to shut him up, but they don't know the pacifier causes irreparable damege to baby's face and jaw.
  5. Lorsss

    where can you get an orthotropic treatment?

    traditional dentistry can straighten your crooked teeth, but it doesn't cure the cause of crooked teeth: the lacking of forward facial growth. a list that contains all doctors in the world who offer orthotropic treatments like the FAGGA (Fixed Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance) would be...
  6. Lorsss

    did traditional Dentistry ruin my face?

    1 year ago I didn't know anything about mewing and looksmaxing. my wisdom teeth on the maxilla were completely crooked and partially exposed, infact they were growing 45 degrees outwards. my dentist decided to remove the lower wisdom teeth because he predicted they would cause pain and...
  7. HorseFace

    This is what bad posture does to you

  8. Lorsss

    I threw out my pillow for mewing sake

    I used to sleep curled up on a side. this position involves the spine and the neck completely curled so I think it could stop my mewing improvement. I have thrown out my pillows, so I am obliged to sleep laying on my back, with my spine perfeclty straight
  9. Lorsss

    Posture is everything

    Dr. Mike Mew has explained how body posture is connected to tongue posture. for example if you always keep your head down, you will counter the correct development of your lower third, and malucclusion is a symptom of this. if you keep your back straight, the act of mewing becomes automatic...
  10. Wincel

    Proof that your lower third doesnt matter. (Shitpost)

    ^ Hot af with mediocre jaw. It really doesn't matter that much. So if mewing doesn't turn you into Brad Pitt or doesn't work at all for you, its not over. BUT IF MEWING DOESN'T WORK FOR ME I WILL MAKE A DEVICE THAT APPLIES THE SAME FORCES AT 10x THE PRESSURE AND THEN SELL THE DESIGN TO YOU FOR...
  11. Wincel

    [Method] Got a better way to unfuck my face/teeth? (DIY Ortho)

    Backstory: I was born with missing teeth on the right side of my face (can kinda see the right side of my bite collapsed in the 2nd picture) and as a result that side is slightly recessed. Because I jammed my tongue into my teeth 24/7 throughout my childhood my lower teeth jut outward (picture...
  12. Lorsss

    [Method] causes of malocclusion (and consequently face deformations)

    >bad posture >disorders like nail biting, pencil biting, sucking fingers etc >improper swallowing >mouth breathing source:
  13. CopeMaxxer

    Does Masseter Hypertrophy Actually Look Good?

    So a big part of mewing/chewing is chewing hard foods to hypertrophy your masseters and get a wide looking jaw. However, I think there's a decent amount of debate in redpill communities on whether widening through masseter widening is a good thing. A lot of people say it makes you look bloated...
  14. HorseFace

    Mewing evience?

    I want to belive mewing but all the evidence i seem to find is with weird lightning diffrent angles lens distortion and all sorts of stuff to give the illusion of a real effect. If one person could show me a picture taken from the same angle with the same lightning at the same time of day with...
  15. M

    [Success] Adult results from mewing?

    It's been 4 or 5 years since mewing became a thing so there has been some time now for people to see results. How many people have gotten fWHR improvements or other improvements since mewing? I forgot exactly where I started but I was in the upper end of the 1.6 range, maybe it was at 1.68 at...