mike mew

  1. MitDenJungs

    [Method] Mewing Megathread

    Post all of your mewing questions here. Do not make any extra threads. @11gaijin @Sergeant @knajjd Sticky this to prevent any more mewing spam
  2. Sean O'Aspie

    [Serious] mike mew is literally jesus and you should worship him

    i have been anointed by the lord himself to spread the gospel and teachings about malocclusion. he is a visionary and years ahead of his time. the way he is being persecuted by the degenerate kike orthodontists is similar to how the pagans vilified jesus. he is blessing us with valuable life...
  3. M

    [Success] Adult results from mewing?

    It's been 4 or 5 years since mewing became a thing so there has been some time now for people to see results. How many people have gotten fWHR improvements or other improvements since mewing? I forgot exactly where I started but I was in the upper end of the 1.6 range, maybe it was at 1.68 at...