1. disillusioned

    [Blackpill] NPC theory is actually even worse than you think

    Normies don't just ape what they are told, they literally can't understand even basic concepts like cause & effect which is why it's so easy for governments/corporations to lie to them. A rational mind notices paradoxes/inconsistencies in what they are told where as most normies don't. You can...
  2. disillusioned

    [JFL] JFL at these normie cunts

    Some bitch pretends her feelings were hurt and the dude loses hundreds of thousands of subscribers in a day lmao what a fucking joke. Normies always have been and always will...
  3. disillusioned

    [Rage] The fact jews control everything is the ultimate proof NPC theory is legit

    When you think about it, the fact that normies not only don't notice jews controlling everything but even hate on those who point it out merely because that is what they have been taught to do is the ultimate proof that normies have no capacity for critical thinking whatsoever. Consider the...
  4. disillusioned

    [Discussion] Why are normies so colossally stupid?

    About almost everything? Be it politics, relationships, economics, hobbies, just literally everything. Discuss.
  5. disillusioned

    [Blackpill] Normies ara a parasite class the rich are the good guys srs

    Look at almost every genocide in modern history and how in almost EVERY instance the victim group has had a higher IQ on average than the group that murdered them.... Armenian genocide: Lower IQ Turks genocide higher IQ christian Armenians Soviet genocide against "Kulags": Low IQ Russians...