norwod cemetery

  1. Lorsss

    most men my age are balding

    [I will turn 21 in one week] I have noticed most men who are about my age are having hair loss. for some of them it's just a 2 cm receding hairline, while some already have a norwood 3 [this image show a 20 years old baldman] I feel extreme pleasure when I see chads who are balding: their...
  2. Mr_Norwood

    The reaper has nearly fully claimed me

    It's nearly fully over for me My Ukrainian sweetheart doesn't care though :feelsez: So she says
  3. Mr_Norwood

    [JFL] I've just been called Bald

  4. fobos

    From Chad to ogre - SADDEST VIDEO EVER

    ''From boy to man. Your confidence and personality radiates thru the screen. ''
  5. Ritalincel

    [Blackpill] What is worse: Balding, or Death?

  6. CupOfCoffee

    [Method] Finasteride is for cucks

    Common side effects include: Only a cuck wants to inhibit the hormone necessary for proper sexual function just to keep some thin head hair. Smh @ these cucks.
  7. Mainländer

    Is it worth it for me to go back on Finasteride?

    I took Finasteride for like 6 months at 22 but dropped it because I got too paranoid about side effects and actually thought I was experiencing some (weaker erections and less cum volume - not sure if placebo or truth). Now I'm 30 and I really don't want to get fully bald. I'm getting very sad...