1. Wincel

    [Method] Got a better way to unfuck my face/teeth? (DIY Ortho)

    Backstory: I was born with missing teeth on the right side of my face (can kinda see the right side of my bite collapsed in the 2nd picture) and as a result that side is slightly recessed. Because I jammed my tongue into my teeth 24/7 throughout my childhood my lower teeth jut outward (picture...
  2. M

    [Success] Adult results from mewing?

    It's been 4 or 5 years since mewing became a thing so there has been some time now for people to see results. How many people have gotten fWHR improvements or other improvements since mewing? I forgot exactly where I started but I was in the upper end of the 1.6 range, maybe it was at 1.68 at...