1. Extra Chromosome

    [Method] Chemical dickmaxxing (DICKCELS BELOW 25 yo GTFIH)

    Hello and welcome fellow gents. I will get straight into the method. 1. hCG injections 2. DHT gel on penis 3. Letrozole Increases LH and...
  2. Wincel

    [Redpill] How to suck your own dick (for lonely boys)

    Ever wondered what a blowjob feels like but can't get your head out of your ass to Wincelmax and get a femoid to do it? Well my friend Achilles has the solution for you: Knajjd before you issue a temporary ban on me for this I would like to make my case for why this is not gay: If you need...
  3. Curious0

    Penis- does jelqing/penis pump and stretching work?

    does it?