1. Chad Dragonslayer

    Rate this guy, possibly best eye area ever??

  2. X

    My self steem couldn't be higher right now, hit me with your honesty

    Got into a relationship with the best girl in the world and i need to keep my ego in check, do your job boys
  3. Mansnob

    Rate my forward growth and cheekbones

    Took a pic of each side profile cause my jaw is uneven, also any feedback and potential advice is appreciated regarding my forward growth and cheekbones Edit: fuarkkkk I need a haircut Also don't mind my shitty skin I'm working on improving it
  4. Kenma

    Rate this patriot

  5. Mansnob

    Rate me, no bs plz

    I'm 18 years old, 5'9, ~110 pounds. I am incel btw. Also jw, how do I upload videos? I want to upload a video of myself in motion for better ratings and advice.
  6. 11gaijin

    Rate this blue eyed big boob blonde

    Blue eyes Big boobies Blonde Aka 3B
  7. PenileFacialSurgery

    Rate this fine Colombian Militant Terrorist Bad Bitch

    Bitch is honestly so bad, the fact she is in some extremist militant terrorist organization, with an AK swung over shoulder, a bandolier bullet belt across her chest, and would probably kill me Just makes her that much hotter, badder, and finer 11/10, would nut in