1. StudyHacks

    What masculine features do I lack?

    On my face, that is. Many people on here have told me that I lack important masculine features on my face, which I do agree with, but I need a list of them. This can explain why I'm not a slayer yet. Like, you know, when shopping in the mall, or doing whatever, if 10 chicks go past me, it's not...
  2. StudyHacks

    [Serious] Rate Genjin Moribayashi, Japanese Adult Video Star

    I envy him for his choice of career, that's for sure! Also, if I ever meet this Japanese Beaver-looking motherfucker, I'll make sure to whoop his ass because he's fucked my all-time favorite JAV-actress, none other than the eternal japanese sex goddess herself: Asahi Mizuno. I'll rate this...