1. Deformed Chico

    [Not OP] Rate this Atlantid Slayer

  2. JuicyAnimeTitties

    [Not OP] Who has the best eye area of all time?

    One of these guys?
  3. Lorsss

    [Method] looksmaxing guide for instant PSL increase

    some looksmaxing practices like bodybuilding, neck training, mewing require a lot of time, while plastic surgery is immediate but costs a lot of money. have you tried all the fast looksmaxing strategies? 1: shoe lift 2: makeup pencil to get straight eyebrows. (use it in the same spot you...
  4. Lorsss

    fake a hickey to halo yourself if you often wear a hickey women will think you are very successfull with girls and they will subconsciously belive your sexual martket value is higher than they thought. This is a real looksmaxing technique: every time I have a hickey, I attract a lot of...
  5. RichardSpencel

    [Serious] PSA to all 2 female lurkers of looksmax

    Pls date me ): What I lack in looks I make up for in haircuts and personality. I will literally give you anything and all I ask is that you are: White Virgin 8/10+ Under 19 Srs.