1. looksmaxerilo

    23M, 6ft: Rate me and suggest improvements/surgeries [move to Ratings]

    I meant to post this on Ratings... In motion Full album [order: front/full body, right profile, left profile, goofing around with my slayer manlet friend]: Pictures Front, profile (Took today) [order: front, right profile x2, left profile x2]: Front, profile (Took november 2018) [order...
  2. 11gaijin

    [News] Orthognathic surgery date final: 3 Nov it is

    So finally the day is near and it is less than a month away, 18 days to be exact. I had a meeting with the maxillofacial surgeon and my ortho today and we decided that 3 Nov would be best. Key takeways It would be a BSSO setback They will also do a surgical lengthening of the upper lip to fix...