1. disillusioned

    [Blackpill] Women are more intelligent and most men are dumbfucks

    I just can't cope with this bullshit about women being less intelligent than men any longer. There is just too much evidence suggesting they aren't. Redpillers that talk shit about female intelligence are just massive copers who can't accept that women have rejected them and that they have...
  2. disillusioned

    [Blackpill] "Women have low sex drive" is normie cope

    Normies are in denial about women not being attracted to them so they made up the myth of women having lower sex drive than men where as in reality women just don't care for most men including their husbands. Women will fuck just as often as men as long as they can fuck chad. In fact, the...
  3. disillusioned

    [Serious] Women are not more socially advanced than men

    The myth of women having more advanced social skills than men is hilarious. They are basically children who can't function in complex social situations. This is why a female only workplace always devolves into a giant dysfunctional shitshow. It's also the reason for why female internet...