[Cope] Anyone else in the same boat as me?



C'est la Guerre
Dec 12, 2018
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107d 8h 36m
Since i started looksmaxxing a year ago, i havent really noticed a change in quality/quantity of girls ive pulled. In fact i used to pull more before jfl.

Ive gone gym, leaned out a lot, skinmaxxed and loads of other shit and gained 1-2psl (now thinking if that even means anything) but now "looksmaxxing" lives rent free in my head. All this effort into researching shit, mental masturbation, counting calories, macros and sticking to them have caused relationships with peers to get rocky and uni grades to plummet.

All this for very little benefit, plus witnessing my nt low inhib below average looking friends pull is fucking torture and pure demotivation
My daily life at 6 PSL is pretty much the same as my daily life was as a fatcel. People drastically inflate how good life is at whatever PSL they think is attainable for them as a coping mechanism.
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