Ban appeal. Reconsider your decision @modteam

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Aug 13, 2018
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Before appealing for a unban I want to ask any of the mods here for a reason why I've been banned.
This is a compilation of the warnings that got me to 70%:

First 10%:

I don't fully agree with this warning but its ok. I can live with it.. it's 10% not much and I deserved it and I accept that.



I don't fully agree with this added-up 60% warning because it was on the same post.
Mods could've just deleted my post and give me a 40% warning which was more acceptable. But fine.. what happened.. happened.

After this compilation of warnings I was at 70% which put me on a 2 day ban (I asked @Sergeant for this).

Now what? Excuse me @Sergeant if I am too direct on this one or look like I am pointing the finger at @11gaijin which I am not btw.
He's not very experienced as a mod and doesn't know how to act in certain situations. He doesn't have the experience of mods like @knajjd which I insulted as a running gag. I don't hate @knajjd at all. I respect him as a mod of and this site which takes a lot of work. I will end that running gag and understand the warnings I got for him.

But @11gaijin why have you banned me in what I would call a "illegal ban". I feel like you've done this on pure feelings and no reason.
But how could I know? You haven't added any reason to it.


@Sergeant is it legal/possible that a extra 30% is added for no reason? I am not biased here because there literally isn't a reason.
@11gaijin is it justified that you gave me a extra 30% for no reason? It's not that I don't like you but it's literally how I see it now.
Maybe I am blinded by myself that I don't see the bigger picture which is a certain problem of me.


@Sergeant @11gaijin Please unban me.

Keep the 2 day ban if you feel like it because that one is justified which I have accepted.
I've always given value to this forum and never insulted or started beef with someone because I hate certain negative feelings towards them.
I like @SubhumanOverload or whatever member I jokingly had beef with.

I've always tried to follow the rules only to get banned like this?

Please reconsider your decision @11gaijin .
It's not meant to end like this. You don't only hurt me but also a part of looksmax culture.
I've supported this forum since the first day I've been on it.

It's unfair.
I don't blame anyone here. Mods tried to do their best and I respect that.
I am just not satisfied with how quick it all went.. this is not the results I expected.

The problem could be just me. However I am sure on 1 thing and that is the fact that I won't be so reckless towards the mods again.
I respect the mods for their time and effort to keep this a clean place.
I don't hold any grudges towards anyone.. just saying the things as how I see them. I am a down to earth guy and would never lie or deceive any of you but I am just not satisfied with what is done.

I would like to participate with the community again and keep spreading Looksmax knowledge.
Is that too much to ask?
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Aug 12, 2018
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You were clearly told the reasons of your warning in the group chat. So there is no doubt that you don't know why you were banned. Right now you are acting as if you don't know about the reasons of your ban however, when the explanation of the warning was provided to you, you further indulged in the same behaviour for which the warning was given to you. Going as far as posting pics of another user and further attacking him and the mod team as well. Clearly, you either didn't care about your ban or you felt that you can attack anyone without any repercussions.

Now coming to the other part. Some people have suggested that people can talk what they want within a private chat. That might be true. However, if I as a mod am there and I see that someone is attacking another user (whether he is a mod or not is not important) then I will take the necessary actions. The fact that another user is being attacked, and that too on the basis of his looks, something that this forum is actually dedicated to, I will warn them. In your case the warning was already pretty high and you were on a temp ban. Yet you went on to do the same stuff again, only this time trying to be even more toxic than before. Another warning resulted in a permaban.
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