[Blackpill] Dieter Bohlen is the most redpilled German TV personality. Germancels gtfih


Worst Nose in the Entire PSL scene
Nov 24, 2018
Do you agree my fellow Germancels?
He does know how the music industry works and what people want. People with a nice overall facial harmony and a pretty face are more likely to become successfull singer. In the singing contest he actually doesn't give a fuck about one's voice. Sometimes a guy can just pass for his good looks.

The guy is extremely OGRE looking and doesn't fit into the cliche of a good singer and therefore he got a "no" from Dieter even though his VOICE mogs 99% of the people there.

Info for the Non-Hitleros: Dieter Bohlen is a big TV personality and is known for a singing contest called dsds=Germany Seeks the Superstar.


Oct 19, 2018
I think it's just in the recent past that he started valuing appearance more and I think it's because nobody of the past winners of the show has really made a singing career out of it. That's why I think they are now trying to look for potential stars instead of just good singers.
I could be wrong, I haven't followed the show for a really long time.

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