Exposing the Jews and satanic freemasons of this forum



Lil Nigga
Apr 4, 2020
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15d 4h 34m
Mods will try to delete this ASAP but Pretty much all mods are agents some are mossad and some are freemasons but they’re all one in the same they engage in a lot of child human sex trafficking and murder and drug trafficking outside of the forum just like all Satanic freemasons And jews pagans do satanic rituals too a lot of that I suspect they are like 10th or higher degree masons

@Mr_Norwood is a 7th degree free mason
@Lev Peshkov is jewish living in Tel Aviv israel
@disillusioned is jewish as well, he is a well known Human sex trafficker
@Goblin is the most obvious satanic freemason ever around the 14th degree
@retard and @lookismfugee obvious freemasons
@Htobrother is jeiwsh
@Gorilla is freemason 6th or 7th degree I believe
@AbandonShip is the most obvious fucking freemasonic satanic jew ever just look at his threads

Do not be surprised if when you go to ban discussion the mods or someone sus asf says that I “died irl” or “requested ban” it’s all cap all lies these niggas is evil and God will expose them On judgement day among the many others

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