high dosis of vitamin b3 before breakfast is such a legit skin improvement

Jan 9, 2019
guys i had problems with acne and tried everything from vitamin a to accutane which delivered results but the best results i got with vitamin b3

just take 500mg - 1000mg vitamin b3 on an empty stomach 10 mins before breakfast ONCE A WEEK

its very legit and also very cheap - so in the unlikely case it wont work on you you lost nothing

i recommend anyone with skinproblems to try this

the skin starts to beginn to feel so smoove

i really like it like that

its time to hop on the VITAMIN B3 TRAIN

You earned it. its just a few bucks. treat yourself
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Jan 9, 2019
Vitamin B3 is a powerful ingredient. Not only does it increase our natural Ceramide levels which strengthen the skin natural barrier layer and reduce sensitivity, it’s a powerful anti inflammatory and boosts the skins immunity.

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Aug 11, 2018
I take Niacin / b3 daily on a 100mg dosage, should I just take like 8 pills to get to your weekly dosage? :unsure:

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