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The Dude Abides

The Dude Abides

Feb 19, 2019
Men's instincts tell them to seek out a woman with the least amount of prior partners possible in order to minimize the chance of raising another man's offspring (in addition to avoiding possible microchimerism-based contamination). Similarly to how disease invokes disgust in humans due to the evolutionarily injurious possibilities of reduced reproductive fitness and/or death it causes, the evolutionary catastrophe (for a man) that is being cuckolded causes men to be disgusted by sluts. Your Facebook-tier rationalizations about how slutty women are "fun", "laugh freely" (because we all know that chaste women are incapable of laughter), and "grab the most out of life" (the most out of life = the most dick possible shoved in every hole) have no bearing on these behaviors that are literally millions of years old, any more than fat women can erase the health consequences of obesity by horking on about how "BIG is BEAUTIFUL".

Any man who has ever masturbated to online porn can tell you that being horny will suppress quite a bit of your natural disgust toward many things, so certainly sluts don't have to worry about running out of dick any time soon (though given the choice between two equally hot girls any man would choose the virgin over the slut). What they won't get (other than from desperate men which are unfortunately somewhat common nowadays) is any sort of commitment or actual romantic affection. Men think of sluts as holes. Any other behaviors demonstrated toward them are mere social pleasantries used to get inside of those holes. This is easily verified by listening in to a group of men having a private conversation about a promiscuous women (or reading imageboards like this one where men are free to express themselves honestly).

Of course it's not like every woman on this planet doesn't already know all of this. If women really thought that men preferred sluts then they wouldn't lie about how many men they've had sex with (and advise other women to do the same), or take issue with being called "sluts" in the first place, or even worry about people like me thinking negatively about sluts. Because if everybody actually likes sluts, then who cares about what one random guy says? It'd be like arguing against somebody that hates ice cream: a confusing waste of time. You wouldn't even have any sort of mental schema for talking about the issue, because you would have never encountered any anti-slut mentality in this hypothetical pro-slut world, but you obviously have in this real world given that you have your talking points all ready to go.

I'm not even mad that you're defending sluts. I just find your response inane. We're supposed to like sluts because they "laugh freely" and are "a lot of fun"? How naive do you think your average man is? If you are a slut, at least don't be a stupid one who makes men cringe with an endless string of retarded justifications. Just own up to it and admit that you chose a few extra helpings of dick over being a wifeable woman. Men will respect you more for it.

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