[Story] How attempting to lift weights in high school ruined my life


Aug 12, 2018
Story time!

So at the time I was 15 and had gotten into lifting maybe 4 months and was seeing great gains for the amount of time I was doing it and gained around 25 lbs in that time period. I was really starting to enjoy life and my confidence was increasing by the day. I didn't really know what I was doing and only did upper body at first with nothing for my back.

Then I decided to try the deadlift exercise, where I was lifting 110 lbs with terrible form (I thought my form was fine at the time). I did this two different times, one day after another. At this time I was a lanky teenager with a small frame so it didn't take much to break me.

So anyways the next day I wake up with a really sore lower back which I wrote off to muscle soreness from the first time of doing that specific exercise. Later that day I go to jerk off as I normally would but I couldn't even get a semi-erection to my confusion. Apparently, I had slipped a disk in my lower back which affected my nervous system in such a way that my dick no longer worked. It also became extremely painful to even slightly bend over with no weight.

As a 15 year old not being able to get an erection completely crushed all my self-confidence. In addition to that I couldn't go out and do stuff even if I wanted to because of the intense pain in my lower back. This threw me into deep depression and made me borderline suicidal. The back pain became more manageable after ~4-6 months but the erectile dysfunction took 3 years to fully heal. (I am currently 19 - almost 20 so it has been fully healed for a bit over a year). Even though the physical injury doesn't give me problems anymore I feel that I'm still scarred mentally from it and my self-confidence is still shaken. I am very high inhib.

The injury is now dormant but if I sit with bad posture for weeks at a time or lift something heavy with a rounded back I can feel it still being there.

I am almost certain I would have gotten laid in highschool if it were not for this injury.

moral of the story: Don't fuck around with your form, especially when it comes to deadlifting.

Edit: Oh yeah and the injury also halted my lifting, I just got back into working out ~5 months ago


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Aug 11, 2018
That's so rough bro. It's absolutely imperative to learn proper form, either from YouTube videos or from playing sports in high school. My coach used to compete as a bodybuilder and pretty much taught me everything I know, and helped me with self education on things he didn't teach me.

Thanks to that I was able to make really good progress in a year and a half of serious lifting
Notes taken:
- No deadlifting
- Good form
I never fucking deadlift. It's written in my routine but I just ignore it lol


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Aug 14, 2018
Deadlifted one time, never again lmao. It's easily possible to train your back with other excercises.


Aug 13, 2018
I don't deadlift, squat and i dont flat bench either.

I dont go particularly heavy. Thing is, i dont give a fuck about being strong. I am also a ridiculous ecto hardgaine, so im not ever going to look like ronnie coleman.

So i just do hypertrophy reps and sets with dumbells. Incline bench, dumbbell squats and rows and pullup for back.

Dumbell squats have a variation thats like a deadlift but i cant rememer what its called.

But fuck the big lifts. Ive never seen a youtub fail compilation where someone breaks their neck doing a lat raise


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Aug 16, 2018
That's fucking horrible, I stayed away from free weights when I was a gym rat because I was terrified of that kind of thing, I'm glad you're not impotent anymore though, OP.


Aug 22, 2018
A cautionary gymcel tale.

But seriously, deadlifts reduce height, as do squats and any excessive heavy lifting.
STOP. Preserve those cm's

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