How the Rating scale should be


Aug 22, 2018
1 - literally no face i.e burn victims, electrical fires, that guy with a face transplant, 1000lb man, crouzon syndrome
2 - pretty deformed. shark teeth, retruded maxillas, no redeeming qualities except they have a face
3- ugly, tranny, ambigious, flat faces with no bones
4- invisibly average - average is ugly but not as offensive.
5- visibly average, may delude themselves that they're good looking
6- good looking. Well put together guys, decent bones although not always harmonious.
7- standout good looking- noticed in bars, very often the best looking in a group
7.5- Model/actor good looking - majority of mm's are this and above
8- Top Model good looking - The 1% of models that make it big. The big names
8.5 - Once in a century good looking - Standout good looking amongst even the biggest models - Nessman, taylor hill, gandy, o'pry
9 - Perfection - unreachable

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